What you need to know about Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

The bride-to-be of US pop singer Meghan Marks took to social media to thank her planner, who is Irish, for the “beautiful and thoughtful wedding dress” she received in a post on Instagram.The “perfect fit”, which Ms Marks wore in a bridal gown for the wedding, was bought from a Dublin-based bridal designer.“It is a […]

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Which wedding ring ring is best for the money?

If you’re looking for a wedding ring for your sweetheart, the answer might surprise you.The $1,000 ring from Brandy & Bob is the best-selling wedding ring on Amazon.com, according to data from eMarketer, which tracked sales on the company’s website.The company also found that the Brandy& Bacon Ring is the top-selling ring in the $10,000-$14,999 […]

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Wedding dresses in July 2018

We were on vacation in Thailand last month, and when we got to the beach, I couldn’t resist a look at these beautiful wedding dresses from Suntory.I have been loving these dresses for a while now and I couldn, and am still loving them.I think these dresses will make a great addition to your wardrobe […]

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How to avoid wedding band strains in 2019

The wedding bands used in 2018 will no longer be a staple of weddings, but they’re still a popular choice for brides and grooms.Photo: Supplied A handful of wedding bands are already out of stock, and if you’re a bridesmaid who wants to be sure you’re getting the best possible wedding band, you may want […]

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Cheap wedding rings to get a bit more sparkle and sparkle

Wedding rings can look really fancy when they are the centrepiece of your wedding but that can be a little tricky when you’re not a designer.The following wedding rings are the cheapest and most sparkly of them all.Read on for some ideas for wedding ring purchases that can help you find the perfect ring.Wedding rings […]

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The nieces and nephews of the late president and first lady are planning to wed on New Year’s Eve

A family of four from North Carolina is planning to hold a nuptials in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but the bride and groom have a long list of complications to deal with.Nancy Reagan and Robert and Barbara Nady are expecting their second child.“We are going to be so proud to have such a wonderful family […]

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