Which sparkly bride dress should you wear to your wedding?

RTE 4 sparkly dresses for the bride, sparkly dress and wedding day: wedding dresses sparkly bridesmaid dresses wedding dresses for groom sparkly groom dresses wedding dress sparkly bachelorette gown sparkly prom dress sparky bridal party sparkly sparkly gift ideas sparkly holiday sparkly christmas sparkly gifts sparkly holidays sparkly birthdays sparkly anniversary sparkly birthday party sparky […]

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Which Are Your Favorite Wedding Dress Trends?

The most popular wedding dress trends are now on the wedding website, according to an analysis by the Wedding Institute.While the trends that are trending are often quirky, sweet and colorful, they all fall into one of the five basic styles.The trends also are designed to appeal to the bride and groom, who will be […]

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The wedding episode that changed your life!

The wedding invitation is the most important thing you ever get asked to wear for your wedding.We all know that.But we never really thought about how the actual wording of the invitation affects the way people respond to it.We were surprised to find that one of our favorite wedding invitations, The Red Wedding, changed the […]

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The most exciting new wedding dress trends to look forward to in 2017

Celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary this year, I’ve been looking forward to making some new and unique wedding dresses for myself and my future friends.I’ve made my favourite dresses that I’ve loved since I was a kid, and now I’m in the mood to make my own wedding dresses.I love that I can wear whatever […]

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