Celebrate the start of a new era with this special dress

A special wedding dress has been added to the collection at the home of Michaela O’Brien at the O’Donovan family home in Dublin.

The O’Donnells were among the guests at a party on Saturday night.

The bride and groom were accompanied by their friends from the city.

They attended the party at the house on St Patrick’s Day.

“The party was for a young couple to celebrate their wedding,” said Ms O’Connor.

“We had the party and then had a cocktail at the guesthouse.”

“We’re looking forward to having the party again in the new year.”

The party has been organised by Mr O’Connors son, Michaela.

The bride and her new boyfriend were on a first-class flight from London to Dublin on Saturday afternoon.

It was not clear whether they were able to book a hotel for the party.

Irish Independent