How to prevent sparklers and wedding rings from drying up

Zales Wedding Sparklers and Wedding Rings are a popular item for brides and grooms alike and the strain is spreading like a cancer.

Zales offers free online tutorials to help you learn how to keep them from drying out.

“We also recommend that all wedding sparkler holders wear a special-made, air-tight, protective, and flame-resistant disposable ring holder,” the company says.

Here’s how to prevent them from dying.

Wear a special ring holder with your wedding sparkles and wedding bracelets.

A new ring holder will be available on Zales website in late October, so make sure you order yours before then.

The new holder is made of lightweight, plastic, and will last for years.

You can also make your own.

Simply cut a piece of string that’s a few inches long and thread the string into a hole on the end of your sparkler or wedding ring.

Place a small, flame-proof candle in the holder to prevent burning.

Add your wedding ring or sparkle into the holder, then place it into the flame-safe holder and tie the knot.

The flame-retardant material will absorb the heat from the candle and keep the sparkles from getting too hot.

Wear gloves to help keep your hands from getting burned.

It is important to wear gloves to prevent you from getting any burns to your hands.

Avoid touching the flame when you are holding the sparkle or ring, as this could cause it to catch fire and cause the ring to burn.

Zale recommends wearing disposable disposable ring holders and ring holders with the same flame-resistance material, but also having an extra set of protective gloves that protect the flame.

If you’re not sure what kind of disposable ring or holder you want, check out our video below to see what they look like.

When you buy your sparklers online, make sure they are made of flame-tolerant material, and don’t forget to remove the flame from the ring or ring holder.

“The longer it stays in place, the more effective the protection,” Zales advises.

Zals wedding rings and sparkles are available online in the US and UK.

In Australia, Zales sells them at its stores and online.

Zalies website is located at