When Wedding Guests Want to Know Which Wedding Dress They Should Buy, What Should They Wear?

Wedding guests, and even the bride and groom, will ask many questions about the wedding dress they wear, such as: Is it a bridal gown or a bridesmaid dress?

Should it be a traditional or a wedding gown?

Should I wear it with a wedding ring or a ring brace?

Should we wear it in a high heels or low heels style?

What size should I wear?

Do I need a ring?

Can I wear my wedding ring in a traditional wedding dress?

Does a wedding dress fit me well?

Do the brides dressmakers make a wedding or a reception dress?

Do they offer a traditional, low-cut or high-cut?

Can you buy a low- or high cut wedding dress for less than $1,500?

Are they available online or in stores?

Do you have to buy a dress online?

Can your family buy a wedding bouquet?

Can the bride’s parents buy a bouquet for her?

Does the bride need to buy flowers or bouquets for the reception?

Can someone else make flowers for the wedding?

Can a friend buy flowers for your wedding?

Does your family need a special flower for the ceremony?

Are the wedding decorations for your ceremony too expensive?

Does it take too long for your family to get dressed?

Is it too hot?

Is there too much alcohol for the guests?

Does there have to be more than one groom or bride?

Does too much food or alcohol spoil the wedding or reception?

Do guests have to take a shower before and after the wedding ceremony?

Can guests drink after the ceremony if they are not in a bar or nightclub?

Is the reception in a public place?

Is someone else allowed to sit at the table during the reception, if you are not at home?

Do your guests have any allergies?

Does anyone have to wear masks?

Can they get an allergy test?

Do some people have to use sunscreen?

Is everyone in your wedding reception to wear a special gown?

Can everyone wear a wedding robe?

Is this a traditional reception?

Is a formal reception?

Does everyone wear matching pants?

Can people dress up as different characters at the reception or at the wedding reception?

Will guests wear masks during the wedding and the reception and in the reception area?

Does this make a difference?

Can children wear masks or hair extensions?

Will parents wear masks to their children?

Can mothers wear masks in the kitchen or to their daughters?

Do people wear masks when they are eating at a restaurant?

Can babies wear masks and wear ear plugs at the same time?

Is anyone allowed to wear face masks during a ceremony?

Is wearing a mask mandatory for everyone?

Is makeup required for everyone in the wedding area?

Can makeup be worn by a pregnant woman?

Does makeup require a special preparation?

Does people have permission to wear makeup?

Are masks required for the people at a wedding reception or in the front area of the reception hall?

Can masks be worn outside the reception room?

Can kids wear masks indoors?

Can glasses be worn at a party?

Can pregnant women wear masks at the birth of a baby?

Do children wear face coverings in public?

Can parents wear mask in the middle of the night?

Can facial masks be used at a funeral?

Does anybody wear face mask in public during the funeral?

Is facial mask required for anyone at the funeral or at a memorial service?

Does nobody wear masks outside of a funeral home?

Does someone have to wash their face?

Do face masks have to stay on for the entire ceremony?

Does everybody wear face covers for everyone at the party?

Is masks required in a church?

Is anybody allowed to put on masks at a church service?

Is somebody else allowed at a birthday party?

Do parents have to cover their faces in front of children?

Does wearing masks in public make it a bad idea for a kid to come to a funeral or a memorial or to attend a memorial?

Does any parent have to go into a church or chapel?

Is any parent required to go inside a funeral, memorial or service to wash and use the bathroom?

Can anyone wear masks for the first time at a public funeral?

Do kids wear mask while riding a bike?

Is using masks at your church or synagogue acceptable?

Is your church allowed to use masks indoors, indoors or outdoors?

Is religious dress mandatory for the public or the private?

Does one person wear a mask while the other wears a mask?

Does church dress code apply to all the people attending a religious ceremony?

What does church dress dress code look like?

Is one person allowed to cover one’s face?

Does religion make a big difference in a family?

Does using masks for religious purposes make people uncomfortable?

Is everybody wearing masks?

Is church dress mandatory at a celebration or a family gathering?

Is religion mandatory for all the guests at a social gathering?

Can one person use masks during one-on-one or private events?

Can family members use masks in private events as well?

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