How to watch the Dallas Cowboys’ wedding in Vegas

A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an Olympic gold medalist and a former U.S. Army captain have joined forces to pay their respects at a wedding in the state of Nevada.

A bride, a couple of groomers and a few guests gathered at the family-owned Ritz-Carlton in Las Vegas on Saturday for the wedding of Shannon Mitchell, a four-time U.K. gymnast, and Ronnie Anderson, an NFL linebacker.

Mitchell and Anderson are married in a ceremony attended by more than a dozen guests.

Mitchell is a three-time Olympic medalist, a two-time British and an Olympian for England.

Anderson and Mitchell are among more than 100 celebrities and celebrities’ families who will attend the celebration at the Ritz.

The wedding comes just a day after the NFL and the NFL Players Association settled a lawsuit in which they accused the league of violating the players’ constitutional rights.

The league and NFLPA agreed to pay the union $765 million in fines, the largest single settlement ever reached by the players.

The players said the settlement was a victory for fairness and equality.

The NFLPA, which represents nearly 30,000 players, declined to comment on the settlement.

In the meantime, the NFL is in talks with the league to open its preseason in New York City next year.