How to Get A New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bride for Your Wedding

A new season of “Game Of Kings” is in the books and the queens of Westeros are already ready for the coming battle.

The “Game of Thrones” star who plays Daenerys Targaryen, Gilly Williams, is set to appear in Season 4, and it looks like she’s ready to give her new husband a bit of a makeover.

Gilly Williams’ Instagram posts reveal a new look for her.

Gilly is wearing a white dress with an oversized white neckline, and she also wears a lace-up gold bodysuit.

She’s also wearing a new, silver bracelet that’s attached to her right wrist.

Gillys wedding to Daenery Targaryan was announced back in March and will be her first in a long time.

In April, she married her former boyfriend, John Cusack.

Gills Instagram posts show a bit more about her new look.

The Instagram account has been set to private for now, but we can see that she’s sporting a pink dress with a gold belt and pink pumps.

Her Instagram profile is also set to be private as well, so we won’t have to wait long to see Gilly’s new look come to life.

Gily and her new manJohn Cusacks Instagram profile has been updated to show a new Gilly.GILLY IS WELCOME TO THE DANCE CLUB!!




#GILLYSDANCECLUB #DanceParty #GameOfThrones #Wedding #WED #DANCE #JEREMY #BONUS #GameTheory #COSACKsDanceLife #GillyWeddings Instagram is set for private for the time being, but you can watch Gillys wedding to her new boyfriend below.


#GameofThronesGillies new boyfriend is John CUSACK!#GillYSDanceClubGilly Weds to John Cisack!

#CosacksDancingLifeGilly’s Instagram is currently set to show private for everyone.

You can watch her wedding to John below.

Gillian Williams and John Cosack have been rumored to be a couple for some time, but there’s no real evidence to confirm it.

Fans have speculated about this for a long, long time, and there are several theories about how this will all play out.

Fans are sure to have a lot of questions as to how this story plays out.

Will Gilly get Daenerying Targaryans new wedding dress?

Will Gills new husband John Cuseack make his big screen debut?

Will they have to change the names of their wedding gowns?

It’s hard to imagine how the “Game” of Thrones star and the actress who plays her new love interest will react to this news, but the fact that Gilly and CusACKs wedding is officially a thing is certainly exciting.

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