Celebrate the occasion of your wedding with this wedding ceremony scripts guide

The groom and bridegroom are set to be married at a special ceremony on Monday, September 20.

The ceremony will take place at the Royal Hawaiian Hospital in Manoa and the wedding will be attended by the bride and groom’s family, as well as their friends and family.

It will be held on a special day, called ‘Makalapala’ which is the day of the harvest moon.

The wedding ceremony will be broadcast live on ABC’s 7:30 tonight and will be followed by an exclusive interview with the groom and his family, including his mother, stepfather and brothers.

The groom will be assisted by his sister and mother-in-law, who will also be present during the ceremony.

They will also attend a reception to welcome guests.

The bridegrooms dress is expected to be provided by Kona Sari, while the groom’s engagement ring will be by Patek Philippe.

The dress is set to have a red and gold embroidery and the engagement ring is set with gold inlay and a silver sapphire.

The engagement ring and wedding ceremony are expected to cost around $100,000, with the bride costing about $80,000.