Wedding dress, garter for a Jew, cost $2,000 and went on sale

A bridal gown with a garter in it, and a dress that cost $4,000 to make, went on the market on Thursday for a wedding that is a bit of a surprise.

The dress, a gown by Mimi and Michaela of Bridgetown, Florida, is the product of a partnership between the bride and groom, Michaela, a real estate agent, and her husband, Mimi, a nurse, who are Jewish.

It has a vintage style and a high-waisted silhouette.

A picture of the bride, wearing the dress and gown accessories at the Wedding Garter Salon in Miami.

The couple made it possible to purchase this piece of jewelry by purchasing the wedding gown from Mimi.

“I love the idea of the garter as a symbol of commitment, and of unity,” Michaela said.

“To me, the garters are a sign of a woman who has made a commitment to God, to her family, to herself and her community.”

The wedding dress has a matching white and gold garter on the back, which the bride wears with her hair parted in a bun and a beehive-shaped necklace.

“We are very excited to share this moment with you,” the bride said in a statement.

“The wedding gown has been an inspiration to us and to our families for years.”

“We were lucky enough to be invited to be the first couple to get married at the wedding reception,” Michaelas said.

The bride and the groom both wore the dress.

The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Joel Schonberg of New York City’s Shalom Synagogue.

It is scheduled for Saturday.

Mimi is the wife of Rabbi Shlomo Schonberger, an Orthodox rabbi from the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank.

“This was a special day for both of us,” Mimi said.