How to celebrate a traditional wedding in Italy

Italian wedding cookies are a delicacy of the high-end restaurants in the country.

They are so popular with wedding guests that they have their own official website,

But there are many other options, including traditional Italian wedding cakes.

The traditional Italian cakes are made by hand using a special cake mould that can be used to create different types of cakes.

This is done to ensure that the final product is as beautiful and delicate as possible, as they will be more difficult to find in the stores.

The cake moulds are usually made of ceramic or glass, which has a hard texture.

The moulds have to be cleaned regularly, and the baking process is often very delicate.

Traditional Italian wedding cake mould recipes can be found on this website.

Traditional Italian wedding desserts are made with eggs, almonds, cream and milk, and are usually served with fresh fruit and bread.

Traditional Italy also has a tradition of baking sweets on the day of the wedding, and these can be eaten afterwards as well.

Traditional wedding cake recipes are also available on this Italian wedding baking website.

There are many traditional Italian cake recipes on this page, and you can even order one yourself.

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