Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber: Wedding Clipart

Gwen and Justin Stefani’s wedding was a hit.

Now they’re sharing a new clipart project with the hashtag #weddingshock. 

Wedding clipart is an art form that’s been around since the 1970s, but its popularity has grown in recent years.

It’s a way to combine different styles and expressions from different weddings.

For example, Gwen’s “beaded bouquet” wedding dress, or the “vintage” “fluttery bouquet,” is a collaboration with an artist called Dada Life.

You can see more of the clips here. 

Justin Bieber’s wedding is another trend that’s catching on.

In 2015, Justin’s wedding dress was the #1 trend for the first time, and his new #WeddingsHock video features his mom, Gia, and her favorite bridesmaids. 

But the hashtag isn’t just for weddings.

Gwen also collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez to share a new video featuring the #WingsHocks crew. 

“I’m so glad I got to be part of this project, as it was so great seeing the incredible work that all these talented women have put into this project,” Gwen said in a statement.

“I’m really proud of the work that they’ve done.” 

#WingsHeels is a curated series that brings together the talents of Gwen, Justin, and Taylor.

It features original content, video, and other content from the likes.

The hashtag was created by the creators of #WINGS, an annual celebration of wedding tradition that takes place in cities across the U.S. The idea for #WinsHeels came from Gwen herself, who said she’d always wanted to make her own line of bridal wear.

Gwyn started by thinking of a line of wedding dresses and asked herself, “How can I combine the best of my best pieces into one product that I can sell for as low as possible?”

She wanted to bring in the best wedding designers in the world, and decided to focus on the styles and styles of the bride herself. 

As she started to brainstorm the idea for a line, she said she was inspired by how weddings have changed over time. 

#Heels features designer labels like Zoya, Calvin Klein, and L’Oreal, plus other creative and iconic brands like Marc Jacobs and Prada.

The designers were chosen to be the inspiration for the wedding line. 

You can see Gwen in a wedding dress in the #Heels #WedsHock.

It was inspired not only by the bridal style but also the way they’re able to capture that emotion.

It also brings back memories of the past year and the journey that we’ve taken together to make our wedding tradition a reality. 

We are honored to be partnering with the #WingHeels team to share their inspiration with the world!

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