Annie Werschberg, the bride of a niec wedding

A bride who married a nyc wedding was just as likely to be a widow as her husband, according to a new study.

In a follow-up study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, the researchers asked 5,500 people about their relationships, and then asked them to choose a wedding theme and make a list of what they were hoping to get in return.

The results, from the National Survey of Families and Households, found that the median number of people who thought they’d been cheated on was 2.7.

This figure includes only married people.

But when people married people, the figure was much higher.

People who were married to someone other than their spouse were three times more likely to report having cheated on their partner than married people who were not married to that person.

Among married people only, people who married someone else than their partner were four times more at risk of having been cheated than married women who were unmarried.

More on New Scientist:  A couple of women’s wedding vows could help save a wedding article What this study adds, however, is that it’s not clear that this is a phenomenon that is entirely restricted to married people: people who had divorced were also more likely than their spouses to have been cheated.

It is, however: people are more likely, for example, to be in a relationship where they are expected to pay for the wedding.

In fact, it seems that in some cases, if a couple is married to a different person than the one they’re expecting to marry, the relationship may end.

The study also found that in the case of divorce, those who were expecting to be married were twice as likely as their spouses were to cheat.

The researchers also found a strong correlation between having been in a committed relationship with someone and being cheated on. 

“We found that people who are expecting to have a relationship with a spouse that ends in a divorce are at higher risk of being cheated than those who are not expecting to end up in a marriage with a divorcee,” the researchers wrote.

“We also found an inverse relationship between people who reported having a relationship and being in a serious relationship.”

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