What you need to know about Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

The bride-to-be of US pop singer Meghan Marks took to social media to thank her planner, who is Irish, for the “beautiful and thoughtful wedding dress” she received in a post on Instagram.

The “perfect fit”, which Ms Marks wore in a bridal gown for the wedding, was bought from a Dublin-based bridal designer.

“It is a beautiful, thoughtful and well-made dress,” Ms Marks wrote.

“This was my first time ever being photographed with a designer in a wedding dress so I was happy and proud to receive it.”

Thanks to the designer, it was the perfect fit, with lots of room in the bust, but no need to worry about that,” she said.

Ms Marks wore a sleeveless blouse, a short skirt and a white dress, with lace appliques.

She was accompanied by her two daughters.

Meghan’s beautiful dress and bridal bouquet were a true hit with all my guests,” she wrote.