How to make your own naked wedding cakes

Naked wedding cakes have always been an integral part of many couples’ traditions, and are a popular way to mark the start of a new love life.

With their nakedness, they provide an instant romantic spark and create an intimate experience.

Here are some of our favourite naked wedding ideas.

Read more”I was married to a man and I have always loved him and he is the most beautiful man I know,” says Gaby, who had an affair with a fellow bride before the wedding.

“I was thinking about my own future, but I couldn’t imagine having a wedding without him.”

I thought I would give my husband some naked cake for his wedding and I just couldn’t wait.

“But after I put the cake away, he asked me if I had made the wrong choice and I was really upset.”

Gaby was so upset by her husband’s behaviour, she began a secret affair with his friend, who is now her husband.

“My husband thought I was doing this to get away with it,” she says.

“It’s not about him.

He just wanted to have an affair and get a piece of cake from me, but it was the wrong decision.”

Gabby and her husband were both told they would be the centre of attention during the wedding, but the cake is actually a gift from her ex-husband.

“The cake was a gift he gave me to my ex-spouse for my wedding and we shared it with my husband because I really wanted to be able to show him I loved him,” she explains.

After a couple of months of trying to get Gaby to change her mind, she decided to have a cake herself. “

He is so beautiful, and I thought he would love it.”

After a couple of months of trying to get Gaby to change her mind, she decided to have a cake herself.

“It was so hard,” she admits.

“When I was preparing the cake, I didn’t even know what to do.

I didn to make it look good, and to make sure it looked like what he wanted.”

She then created a video, and uploaded it on Instagram, where it received more than 10,000 likes.

“People were commenting on it and I started getting messages from all over the world,” she laughs.

“Some of them told me they wanted to go and buy me a cake to go to their wedding with.

They said they wanted me to go with them.”GABY’S VICTORY Cake by Gaby’sVideos posted by @Gaby_WeddingPartyThe cake has been shared more than 8,500 times.

Gaby says she is very happy with how the cake turned out, but she says it was her husband who got her to think she had done the right thing.

“When I posted the video on Instagram I was surprised,” she said.

“That’s how I felt.

I think it was my husband who put my heart and soul into it.”

But not everyone was so thrilled with her wedding.

One person wrote on Facebook: “It’s obvious that this cake is a rip-off.

This wedding cake is supposed to be about love, but instead it’s about cheating.”

But Gaby said she was not unhappy with the cake.

“If anyone was upset with my wedding, they were the same as me.

They’re just not happy,” she reveals.”

He has already had a heart attack and I’m sure that’s why he didn’t want me to share the cake,” she adds.”

Everyone’s got their own unique ideas.

I just want to show them that you can have a wonderful, beautiful, unique wedding without making a big deal out of it.”

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