Why Jenny’s wedding is getting a lot of love from people who care about marriage equality

JENNY SULLIVAN: I was asked to marry a woman and the last thing I would have done was be married to someone who didn’t believe in marriage.

The first thing I’d have done is ask for permission from the bride.

And then I would not have been able to give that permission.

I just don’t believe marriage is a two-way street.

And if you can’t say no to your wife, why should I be allowed to say no?

So that’s why I’m in support of the marriage equality movement.

I feel like I’m on the side of everyone in the United States who is saying, “We need to move forward together and I am not opposed to marriage.

But I am against people saying, ‘I will not marry you because you don’t have the right to do what you want with your body.'”

So, that’s what I think is happening right now.

And it’s not only the gay rights movement, I think there’s a lot more people that are getting married and being able to do that because the marriage movement has been a real strength.

And I just feel like this is where people are going to be the most empowered.

You know, people are having a lot less arguments.

And they are doing things in their lives that they would never do.

And so, the people who are going into marriage will be able to be more present.

And you’re going to have more freedom to do things in your life that you would never have done if you weren’t married.