What to expect at the wedding ceremony: Anthropologie vows to make wedding dresses affordable

The Anthropologia wedding dresses range from £3,800 to £6,400 and can be customized with jewellery and accessories for the bridal party.

The company is launching an online store for wedding dresses, and has also launched a Facebook event for brides. 

“We are excited to have the opportunity to bring these affordable, beautiful and fun dresses to the modern world,” said Rachel Cuthbert, senior vice president and head of design, at Anthropologi. 

Bride and groom are invited to the Anthropologique studio in London on March 14. 

To make their first purchase, brides will be asked to create an account and register their own photographs. 

The Anthropologias website says that its wedding dresses are manufactured in Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria. 

A wedding dress is a dress that is worn at a wedding.

Anthropologiam is a company which offers wedding dresses to brides for less than £300. 

In a statement, Anthropologians marketing director David Wilt, said: “We want to help you make a choice that is the most comfortable and the most beautiful. 

We know how important this dress is for your wedding day.

We are committed to creating beautiful, comfortable and affordable dresses for your special day. 

For more information about Anthropologies wedding dress range, visit www.anthropologias.com or call 020 8734 0331. 

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