How to Make Your Own Lulus Wedding Dress From Scratch

Lulus are a family of wildflowers that have been cultivated in Africa for centuries.

These plants have a unique scent and are known to attract both men and women.

This wedding dress can be made from either Lulus flowers or any other wildflower.

We’re sharing all of the steps we used to make our very own Lulus wedding dress below.

Step 1: Identify the types of wildflower you want to useLulus flowers are easy to identify.

They’re purple and white in color.

They grow in areas where there’s lots of sunshine and rain.

They also have beautiful patterns.

We chose to use the purple and orange flower, but other types of Lulus could be used.

Step 2: Create the templateStep 3: Cut the flowers outStep 4: Fold the flower and leave it to dryStep 5: Apply the dress to the flowersStep 6: Apply a coat of waxStep 7: Place the dress on the flowers and allow to dryThe flower pattern on this dress can vary, so be sure to choose a pattern that matches your style and color.

Step 8: Brush the flowers into placeStep 9: Finish off with a final coat of floral waxStep 10: Let it dry for at least 2 weeks and let the flowers fully matureStep 11: Remove the dressStep 12: Let your wedding dress sit for a monthStep 13: Add a few drops of lulus flower oilStep 14: Repeat steps 4 through 8Step 15: Clean up your flowersStep 16: Enjoy your Lulus dress with a splash of lulu honeyStep 17: Add some lulus honey to your wedding party

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