Why the word ‘weddings’ doesn’t mean ‘waste’

A wedding cake is a small piece of food and a bit of fun.

It’s also a lot of fun for a lot more people than it is for a few of us who love to share it with our friends.

So it’s with a huge smile that we take a bite of our newly minted ‘wings’ cake and we’re thrilled to share the recipe with you.

We love to use fresh ingredients and we love to be creative.

So we created a wedding cake recipe that is very much like a birthday cake.

But it’s a bit more adventurous than birthday cake and it’s really great for any occasion.

The recipe will make around 1,000 cakes.

So, go ahead and make your own.

For this cake, we used a blend of organic white chocolate, cocoa butter, and cocoa flour.

We also added a sprinkling of sugar and almond flour.

It was also delicious with a pinch of salt and a little bit of vanilla extract.

You could even make it into a simple cake for an afternoon tea or for a party.

When we think of wedding cakes, we think about the joy and the celebrations, but we also think about how we can make a big difference for the world.

If you make this recipe, we’d love to hear about it!

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Happy baking.