When your wife is pregnant, don’t let your children get in the way of a backyard wedding

The best way to keep your wedding to the rules of the house is to leave the house as soon as you’re ready.

That’s what a Texas bride who was expecting a son in February told ABC News’ “20/20” this week.

A couple with two kids in tow took their vows to the couple’s new baby boy on Feb. 14.

“My wife said, ‘You’re not ready to do it yet, but we’re going to take the baby to see how we’re doing,'” Danielle Davis told the network.

Davis, a social worker and mother of two, told the ABC News crew that she had to stay at work until her husband arrived, and she and her husband spent the day at the groom’s place.

“It was just a whirlwind,” she said.

“I was just trying to figure out what to do, how to prepare, and it was a lot of work, but I was really grateful for that.”

She also noted that she has no idea what kind of expectations the couple has, because the groom is still learning the rules.

“He said, you know, ‘This is what it’s like to be pregnant,'” she said, laughing.

Davis told “20:20” that she wasn’t worried about the new baby being disruptive or disruptive to the family.

“No, I don’t worry about him,” she told the host.

Davis said that her husband and her two kids are already doing a lot for her and that she’s happy for her kids to be able to see their dad. “

What I’ve heard so many people say is that you want to leave it to the professionals, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Davis said that her husband and her two kids are already doing a lot for her and that she’s happy for her kids to be able to see their dad.

“They’re going out and going to the park and they’re going shopping and they go out and they play together, and they have no problems,” she added.

“When you have a baby, it’s so hard for them to understand.

And the first day of school, I had to come in to work to explain to them what it was like to have a kid.

And that was just really hard for me.”

Davis also said that she thinks the wedding is the perfect thing for the family to celebrate together, considering the special circumstances.

“You know, it was just so special for us,” she explained.

“And we’re excited about the future of our family and the future and the things that we have planned together.”

The couple is expecting their second child in June.

“Our family is a family,” Davis said.

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