How to make princess dania wedding earrings for wedding earring collection

The bride can make her own princess dianas earrings, or just get a friend or family member to help.

Princess Diana is the last surviving British monarch and a major cultural icon in the UK, and wedding earpieces are an integral part of her legacy.

For many, the earrings represent the “love of the state,” and the crowns of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been earrings since her coronation in 1952.

The crowns have become so popular that the royal family has now purchased a separate company, which sells earrings made from diamond-studded gold and silver.

“It’s a really good opportunity to give a little piece of history back to the Queen and to make her a little bit more celebrated,” said the bride’s daughter, Claire, 26, who recently received the new earrings.

Claire says she plans to use the earpieces to honor the Queen’s mother, Princess Diana.

“My dad got me the crown when I was about five years old, so I’m very much in love with the crown and the earring,” Claire said.

“I have an amazing relationship with the Queen, so the earthing is really the last piece of the puzzle.”

Here are 10 fun ways to add princess danias earring to your wedding collection.

How to make a princess danian earring:1.

Use a sterling silver and gold-staked diamond ring to create a diamond-edged earring.2.

Add a small portion of the ear to each ear, and attach the other end to a crown.3.

Gently hold the ear against the ear, as the crown rests against the top of the head.4.

Wrap the ear in ribbon to create the crown.5.

Tie a ribbon around the crown, and fasten with the other ends.6.

Attach the crown to the ear with a knot or bow.7.

Tie the ribbon around a dress to create an elaborate bow.8.

Tie an earring around a necklace.9.

Tie earrings around a headband.10.

Attached to the wedding dress, the Princess dania earring has the traditional Queen’s headband and coronation dress.