The wedding episode that changed your life!

The wedding invitation is the most important thing you ever get asked to wear for your wedding.

We all know that.

But we never really thought about how the actual wording of the invitation affects the way people respond to it.

We were surprised to find that one of our favorite wedding invitations, The Red Wedding, changed the way we dress for our wedding.

It is the one episode that truly transformed our wedding and our lives.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Now, if you’re ready to take that invitation home with you to your next big event, here’s how to make it look beautiful.

First, make sure your invitations are lined with white paper.

It’s much easier to keep them neat than they are to tear apart.

If you’re going to be using this to organize your wedding, you can always go for something a little more decorative.

We recommend the red wedding cake from the Season 3 finale.

This one is pretty simple to make.

First, cut out the invitations, and then fold the paper over the edges.

Cut the paper up a bit to make sure it’s flat and not too tight.

Now, it’s time to add some sparkly sparkle to your invitations.

Take a look at the photos below.

These red wedding invitations were inspired by The Red Queen from Season 3.

If we were to add more sparkle, we’d change up the colors and add in sparkle accents, or even create our own.

This is a great opportunity to do just that.

First cut out an outline of the red circle.

Then, fold the red paper to create a circle with a few holes in it.

Cut out a dot of sparkle.

Now fold the top of the circle into a bow.

Cut an edge out of the center to create the bowline.

Now fold the bottom of the bow around to form the bow.

Now cut a bunch of small dots to create sparkle highlights.

We used this design to add a bit of a ribbon effect to our invitations.

You can make the dots of sparkly dot in a variety of ways.

Just remember to make the top and bottom of your invitations matching your colors, otherwise you’ll have an awkward looking invitation.

Now it’s ready to put the invitation together!

Cut out some of the white paper and cut it into a rectangle.

This helps to prevent the ribbon from slipping down the sides of your invitation.

Now draw the top edges of your red circle onto the top corners of your rectangle.

The top and middle of the circles should overlap.

Make sure you do this to keep your invitations from falling apart.

Now put a bow on top of your circle and draw the center and the edges of the bottom edges of each of your circles onto the bottom corners of the same rectangle.

Use this to help you line the top edge of your bow to the top center of your square.

Then line up the top corner of the rectangle with the bottom corner of your wedding invitation.

You now have a beautiful red wedding invitation that looks great with your wedding dress.

Here’s how you make the actual red circle:Cut out a red circle with the circle on top, cut off the top, and cut the top out.

Make your arrow head on top.

Fold the top over the edge and fold the middle down, then fold it over again.

Cut out another red circle from the center of the square.

Cut off the bottom and fold over to make your circle.

Cut a few more lines to create an arrow.

You can use this as a guide for cutting the bow to add sparkle or to create your own bow.

The best part about the red box is that you can add some of your own touches to it!

Cut the bottom out of your circular, fold in a bow, and use that as a bow to decorate your invitations, or add some extra sparkle if you want.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to making your wedding invitations look gorgeous.

We love how simple it is to create these awesome invitations.

Make it a part of your holiday celebrations!

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Thanks for reading.

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