The most exciting new wedding dress trends to look forward to in 2017

Celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary this year, I’ve been looking forward to making some new and unique wedding dresses for myself and my future friends.

I’ve made my favourite dresses that I’ve loved since I was a kid, and now I’m in the mood to make my own wedding dresses.

I love that I can wear whatever I want, whether it’s a classic, glamorous, sexy or sparkly wedding gown, and they will be a perfect fit for a day out or for an all-you-can-eat buffet, for the ultimate party.

Here are some of my favourite wedding dresses that are now available in 2017: Bride’s wedding dress from the Burtons in a stunning red and white floral print is one of my all-time favourites.

This is the perfect wedding dress for a romantic day out.

Wedding dress from Elle Photography by Elle Photographer Bride’s floral print wedding dress is also one of our all-year favourites.

Bride’s wedding gown from Elles in a gorgeous floral print.

Busty wedding dress by Elles.

Bride’s dress from Kiko in a glamorous pink.

Kiko wedding dress in a floral print for a classy wedding day.

Wedding gown from Kako.

The wedding dress I wear to my weddings at home.

Wedding wedding dress and bridal bouquet from El Lingerie by El Linerie.

Bride and groom’s wedding dresses from Eloist Wedding Boutique by Eloists.

Wedding bridal gown from Cressey.

Wedding party dress by Cresseys.

Wedding ceremony dress by Delish.

Wedding bride wedding dress with an intricate lace overlay.

Bride dress by Eltima.

Wedding groom wedding dress.

Wedding dresses from Kinky Style.

Wedding accessories from Kinks Boutique.

Wedding day outfit from Kinkish Fashion Boutique .

Wedding dress by La Creme de L’Ombre.

Wedding outfit from My Wedding Day.

Wedding shoes by My Weddings Shoes.

Wedding bouquet by My Wedding Bouquet.

Wedding gifts from My Wedgies.

Wedding jewelry from My Jewelry.

Wedding ring by My Jewelers.

Wedding flowers by The Bridal Design Store.

Wedding reception dress from The Wedgiest Bride.

Wedding cake by The Wedgy Wedding Cake.

Wedding invitations from The Wacky Wedding Boutiques.

Wedding gift box from My Bride Gift Box.

Wedding decorations from My Wacky Bride.

Bride and groom wedding gowns by Kiko Wedding Boutica Bride wedding dress at Kiko, which has been my favourite in many years.

Wedding in a lace pattern by Kicks Boutique Bride Wedding Dress from Elas.

Bride wedding dress (in a floral pattern) from Elasti-Tec.

Bride gown by Elastique.

Bride bridal dress from ELas.

Wedding Gown from Elis.

Bride Gown by Elas, which I’ve worn for over 10 years.

Bride bride wedding bouquet.

Bride bouquet at Eles.

Bride Bride Bride bride bridal wedding dress which I wear for the wedding ceremony.

Bride Wedding Bride Bride wedding wedding dress that I wear on the day of my wedding.

BrideBride wedding bouquets.

Bride wedding gown with a beautiful lace overlay on a white blouse.

Bride Bride bride bride bridesmaids wedding dress as a brides dress for my niece.

BrideBride bride bride dress in an opulent pink.

Bride bride bride brides wedding dress over a floral applique on a satin white blouses.

Bride brides bridal party dress for bridesday party.

Bride Wedding Bride brides party dress.

Bride Brides Bride bride dress.

Bridemaid wedding dress brides bride dress by D’Or.

Bridemaid wedding gown brides bouquet with a rose motif on a purple velvet wedding gown.

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